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In keeping with the longstanding Friulian tradition of pairing wine with food, Frasca offers guests an exciting assortment of wines to enjoy with their meals. We cellar over 200 varieties, including bottles from acclaimed vineyards, reserves from lesser-known regions and winemakers, unique domestic and international vintages, and sweet dessert wines. Our wine program is designed to complement chef Mackinnon-Patterson's sophisticated cuisine, and to give our guests new, exciting, and affordable choices to savor with their meals.

At Frasca we believe wine is an integral part of the dining experience and should be accessible to and enjoyed by everyone. Our sommelier walks the dining room floor nightly to talk with guests, listening carefully to preferences and ideas, and offering unpretentious guidance and thoughtful recommendations. Our wait-staff is also well-trained to advise guests on the choices of available wine and to help them pair the perfect wine with their meals.

In the Tradition of the Tajut
The tajut (meaning "a cut", or small amount) is a glass of Tocai Friulano, and is traditionally served as an aperitif at the local Frasca. A clean and delicate white wine, Tocai Friulano has been produced in this region for centuries and is an integral part of the Friulian wine experience. In Friuli, the tajut is a part of daily life, experienced with the regularity we reserve for the morning cup of coffee. Frasca proudly serves Tocai Friulano as part of its wine program.

Spirits and the art of mixology play a crucial role at Frasca. We believe the judicious enjoyment of spirits at the beginning and end of the meal can enhance the total dining experience. Our selection of aperitifs set the stage by stimulating the appetite, while our digestives play a therapeutic role at the end of the meal. We may even recommend a spirit mid-meal to cleanse the palate or to accompany a particular dish.

Like our wine program, our spirits program is influenced by our cuisine. Whenever possible, we select spirits that are crafted by farmers and that are created with a modicum of manipulation. The kitchen is active in the procurement and creation of garnishes and fresh fruit juices which are subject to the same rigid standards of freshness as our food.

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