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eliza weese | pastry sous chef frascas food and wine

Eliza Weese

Pastry Sous Chef

Raised in the scenic locale of Golden, Colorado, Eliza discovered a love for cooking at age 14. Guided by fond memories of kitchen moments with a beloved grandfather, this early passion set the stage for her career.

Over 9 years in the culinary world, Eliza has navigated through various roles but presently pastry. The past three and a half years at Frasca have been marked by a steady dedication, and passion to grow, resulting in her promotion to sous chef six months ago.

In the kitchen, each day provides an opportunity for Eliza to blend creativity with technical skill, crafting a harmonious blend of flavors. 

“The best advice I’ve ever received all comes from my dad. Many of his go-to phrases stick with me to this day, though the one that comes to mind most often is by far the most simple: ‘Show up.’ To me, these two words mean a lot. Show up for your commitments and passions, show up for the people who depend on you, and most importantly, show up for yourself.”

In her free time, Eliza enjoys reading classic novels, running (when the season is right she also plays in a pick-up soccer league), and volunteering at animal shelters.