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Russell Olson

Pearl St. Manager

A native of Boulder, Colorado, Russell started his hospitality career over 12 years ago.  He has worked in various capacities at other Italian and farm to table restaurants before he started at Frasca in August of 2021.  Over the past two years he has assumed almost every front of house position before taking on his current role.

As Pearl Street Manager, Russell splits his time between Frasca and Pizzeria Alberico next door.  His role is not only to provide great hospitality to all guests that walk in the building, but to also act as a bridge and grow the cooperation between the two teams.

"During my time at Frasca, I've learned that the opportunities to enhance a guest's experience with small details and thoughtful gestures are endless.  The meticulous preparation that each service requires can seem daunting to newer team members.  Although all the little things are necessary, I would say that the most important part of giving great hospitality is almost the most simple.  If you approach your role with true authenticity and a sincere regard for our guests and teammates , then you possess the key to working in this building."

In his free time, Russell loves all things cycling.  You can find him on the mountain bike trails around the county, on the gravel roads north of Boulder, or on the FHG group ride on the way up to Ward.